Explore the potential of sustainable
Hydrogen to power the future.

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Oct 1-3 Cairo
The Grand Egyptian Museum

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About GHS

The MENA region is strategically positioned to leverage its abundant renewable energy resources through efficient clean hydrogen value chains. 

GHS aim sto cultivate a platform for dialogue and exchange, uniting global stakeholders to champion climate action and sustainable economic growth.

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What's in store!?

GHS Conference

Energy experts and global leaders worldwide will convene to explore hydrogen’s role in the energy transition within the MENA region, the hydrogen economy, scaling production, regulations and policies, cutting-edge technologies, H2 derivatives, bankability, and more.

Masterclass workshops

Examine the multifaceted world of hydrogen, its various applications, derivatives, and the entire H2 value chain.


The exhibition is a hub of innovation, spotlighting global advancements in technology. Attendees explore breakthroughs from industry leaders.

Networking hub

Sustainable energy experts from across the globe gather to exchange of innovative ideas, and explore collaborations.

Field visits ​

Explore Cairo’s research facilities, culture and what the future holds for Egypt.

Summit Themes

Global Deployment Roadmap for Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen Corridors: Facilitating Cross-Border Trade and Partnerships

Building the Hydrogen Economy: Market Development Strategies

Certification Schemes for Green Hydrogen: Ensuring Quality and Transparency

Low-Carbon Hydrogen: Policies and Standards for Sustainable Production

Advancements in Hydrogen Production Technologies and Innovation

Green vs. Blue Hydrogen: A Dual-Track Approach for Decarbonization

Beyond Hydrogen: Exploring Ammonia and Methanol as Hydrogen Derivatives

Ensuring Hydrogen Bankability: Financial Instruments and Funding Mechanisms

Regulatory Frameworks for Hydrogen: Ensuring Safety and Compliance

Global Hydrogen Summit

Explore the potential of Hydrogen as the fuel of tomorrow- turning vision into action.

Oct 1-3

Networking hub

Immersive Networking Areas for sustainable energy experts fostering innovation, collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Oct 1-3

Sustainable Energy Conference

Join the world’s energy leaders as they discuss policy investments and the adoption of sustainable energy across MENA.

Oct 1

Masterclass workshops

Immersive learning on sustainable energy, policy and finance, carbon capture, green hydrogen.

Oct 2-3

CCUS Forum

Advancing CCUS for the effective decarbonization of energy and and fostering low carbon energy systems

Oct 2

Energy Executives Circle

A high level event which unites ministers and world leaders to collaborate on advancing sustainable energy.

Oct 1

Gala Dinner

The culmination of a week-long expo and climate activities, where awards honour excellence.

Oct 1


Innovation hub, showcasing global tech, and inspiring experiences in energy advancements.

Oct 1-3



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