Green Hydrogen Summit Oman Goes global, unveils new logo

Muscat: The Green Hydrogen Summit Oman (GHSO) – the MENA region’s largest hydrogen event – has announced its international expansion in 2024, reflecting Oman’s growing influence across the renewable energy sector.

Organised by the Omani start-up Birba, GHSO has seen remarkable growth since its inception in 2021, attracting global participation and fostering connections that catalyze the hydrogen industry’s development. The event has become instrumental in promoting Oman’s visionary hydrogen strategy, providing a rich platform for developers and technology providers to share knowledge and opportunities.

At a press briefing held in Muscat on Tuesday, Birba unveiled a refreshed brand identity to mirror the global impact Oman is making in the green hydrogen space. Speaking at the event, Abdullah al Harthy, Birba’s Chairman, said,  at Birba our team are very passionate about supporting the industries which are building our future.

It’s an honour to support Oman through the summit, while showcasing its strong hydrogen vision and point of difference as a leading hydrogen hub. Our new logo represents a multifaceted and more global approach to renewable hydrogen systems – green hydrogen, produced through renewable energy sources like wind and solar, along with the extended spectrum of low carbon hydrogen such as blue, gold, white and beyond.

The summit’s updated branding to, ‘Global Hydrogen Summit’ and respectively ‘Global Hydrogen Summit Oman’ (GHSO), immerses attendees in the expansive world of hydrogen, various methods of producing sustainable hydrogen and their entire value chain.

Global Hydrogen Summit recognises Oman’s significant role as a hydrogen leader and hub, fostering international partnerships and pioneering solutions that go beyond borders.

As the demand for hydrogen technology skyrockets globally, the summit’s transformation to a global stage opens doors to new possibilities and collaborative ventures that surpass geographical limits. In recognition of hydrogen’s essential role in the global energy transition, the Global Hydrogen Summit aims to foster a milieu of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing on an international scale.

The summit will explore all hydrogen variants and their value chains – each being integral to the fabric of future energy systems.

Looking ahead, the Global Hydrogen Summit Cairo (GHSC) is set to take place during October 1-3, 2024 in Cairo, Egypt.

GHS Cairo will take place in conjunction with Cairo Sustainable Energy Week (CSEW), in partnership with the Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), which is the technical arm of the Arab League.

Through this event series, Birba aims to unite the Arab League, MENA and the world in advancing renewable energy. GHS-Cairo will feature an Oman pavilion where the organisers look forward to showcasing Oman’s latest green hydrogen developments with the world.

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